Clean Linen | Zero Waste Candle
Clean Linen | Zero Waste Candle
Clean Linen | Zero Waste Candle
Clean Linen | Zero Waste Candle Kodiak Candle Company
Kodiak Candle Company

Clean Linen | Zero Waste Candle

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One of the simplest pleasures in life has to be snuggling into a warm bed that’s just been made with freshly washed linen. The crisp, clean scent filling your nostrils as you settle down under the soft, warm sheets; it’s a truly sublime experience that you can’t get enough of.

With our Clean Linen Scented Soy Candle, we capture this wonderfully calming, extremely personal fragrance in an 11oz Deluxe Drinking Glass. With notes of refreshing lemon, florals, and powdery light musk, this clean scent wraps you in a comforting blanket of nostalgia right when you need it.

Made sustainably with natural, biodegradable soy wax, this candle lets you relax and unwind without any guilt!

  • 100% Soy Candle - burns longer and cleaner than traditional candles
  • Natural, crackling wooden wick
  • Burns 65-75 Hours
  • 11oz Deluxe Drinking Tumbler
  •  Handcrafted in Kettering, Ohio

Generosity comes in many different forms, and it's often the best way to support local and global causes. You should take immense pride in the contributions you'll help us make 🌎

• Reforestation- We’ll be planting a real tree on your behalf for each individual product you purchase. Your trees will be instantly planted in our Kodiak forest for you to view in real time.
• Wildlife Conservation- $1.00 of each product sold will be donated directly to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden to help them in their most needed areas including habitats, animal care, wildlife research and any other conservation efforts.
• Carbon-Neutral Shipping- We will contribute to fund projects that reduce pollution such as wind farms, solar installations, or other energy efficiency retrofits in order to counteract our shipping emissions. It's a great way for us to help reduce our carbon footprint.

There are five main “hazard groups” that we simply don't allow.

✖ Carcinogens: These are materials known or thought to cause cancer. 

✖ Mutagens: Materials that change the DNA of a cell, harming the cell and causing diseases like cancer. 

✖ Reproductive toxins: Toxins that adversely affect reproductive organs and increase the risk of birth defects. 

✖ Organ toxins: These are toxins that can cause adverse effects or disease within specific bodily organs. 

✖ Acute toxins: Toxins that can cause adverse effects from a single exposure. Generally, this would be accidental exposure like spillage or ingestion. 

All of our fragrances are also completely, 100% phthalate-free. 

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